3D Printer is on its way!

I’m excited to announce that we just invested in a new dual head 3D printer! It arrives in a few days and after the initial tests, we’ll attempt to print the prototype pieces for Bolster (our first game ready for prototyping). We also created plans for a modular game board that is expandable/contractible — this will allow playing games on a board ranging from 4×4 to an 8×8 grid. It is also ready for a test print on the printer.  If you’ve seen the exciting new game Tak, by Patrick Rothfus and Cheap Ass Games, our single board will be a perfectly expandable to play all variant board options from 4×4 up to 8×8.

As it turns out, the expandable board (which we will test print in the coming weeks) is perfect for our set of abstract strategy games as well — go figure.  Each game in the Oakheart BEAST Project (Bolster8, Equip7, Armor6, Snipe5 & Thief4) is played on its own board between 8×8 and 4×4 tiles.