My Top 10 Boardgames of All-Time

Stone Chess board

Having collected and played hundreds of different board games, I have accumulated a top 10 list for overall best games I’ve ever played. This list is made of my own personal best games, and I make no claim to have played all games out there (not even close).  I also have a bias for short, […]

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Emperor Prototype and Playtesting

We have tested various ideas around the Emperor boardgame that we’ve been working on.  Emperor is really getting good.  It’s everything I love about a strategy game.  It has the potential to be quick, but it is hard to plan ahead because there are so many possible moves each turn — keeping you on your […]

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Animal Upon Animal by Haba

I’m a big fan of playing games with kids that are not purely luck based with no strategy. I don’t understand the point of games like Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land where there is no decision making of any kind. What is that supposed to teach children other than to hate games? I love […]

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