Introducing: Argilkin


Argilkin: Worldbuilders is a card game with some dice and small gems. Players take on the role of Argilkin (a god race born of stars) building and terraforming a world that will support sentient life to honor their Origin.  Argilkin believe that the best world is created through competition.  In this way, they must work together, creating elements that they believe others will need, knowing they will reap the rewards of their foresight.  The player that most skillfully builds and adds to the planet wins the competition.

Victory points are distributed from various cards only when a race is created, and other players may get points when you use their previously constructed terrain or magic cards to create the race.  Players take turns rolling dice representing simple elemental magics, trying to roll specific combinations required to command more complicated magic or create various terrain types in the world.  Each race has prerequisite cards that must be created in the world before that race can be born. There are high races (more difficult to create) and standard races (less difficult). Each with more or less value respectively (in both abilities and victory points). This is all done in order to create and populate the world with some of the 9 available fantasy races.

The game is quick, maybe 15-20 minutes and is different every time we’ve played.  So far, we’ve played the game with 2 to 3 players about 40 times.  It is solid and the next phase of testing will require 4 players and some public playtesting.

More information and pictures of gameplay to follow.