About Oakheart

Oakheart Games is passionate about board games and social interaction.  We believe that board games are created from a source deep within us all to bring everyone closer together.  We believe in games that are simple, fun, and entertaining.  Games should engage your mind and promote player interaction.

We are currently developing several games that we believe uphold our belief of what board games should do.

Current Projects

Bolster (First game in the BEAST Series)

Bolster is a 2-player 100% abstract strategy boardgame that can be played on any chess or checker board.  It is incredibly simple, but difficult to master.

Emperor (Second game in the BEAST series)

Emperor involves moving one of your own pawns to manipulate the position of the other players’ pawns on the board.  Three separate win conditions means everyone needs to pay close attention to what’s happening in the game.


Archwizard is a game for 2 to 6 players dueling to determine supremacy through elimination or mastery.  It is a social strategy game involving deduction, planning, and a little bit of luck.  Wizards will use combinations of 6 elements to perform tricks, cast spells, and foil plans in this game of elemental mastery.

Future Plans

Future projects include multiple 2-player abstract strategy games as part of the BEAST Project.  The games will be relatively simple at heart, but will require many hours of play to master.

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