Age of the Magi

My friend Evan and I also created a Eurogame that we can actually play to completion in under an hour.  We probably didn’t invent the idea, but I’m not personally aware of any eurogames where you can play through setup.  This “play through setup” idea does 2 things.  It allows strategic decision making while setting up the game, and it allows for a very simple walkthough of the actions that are available and what they do.

I’ve posted some pictures of this game setup on Instagram.  Basically, players select a race with some unique abilities and they try to select actions that will benefit them each turn.  There are Magi units and melee units.  Magi units can use the only resource in the game to blow up enemies, summon more troops, or cast spells on adjacent enemies.  Because each person only gets one action and one movement each turn, it keeps the game moving pretty quickly.

Stay tuned.  This one would be released AFTER we launch Argilkin: Worldbuilders.