My Top 10 Boardgames of All-Time

Stone Chess board

Having collected and played hundreds of different board games, I have accumulated a top 10 list for overall best games I’ve ever played. This list is made of my own personal best games, and I make no claim to have played all games out there (not even close).  I also have a bias for short, […]

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Archwizard at Protospiel Madison

Playtesting Archwizard

Had a great opportunity to test some of the changes I made to Archwizard at Protospiel in Madison.  Because the game runs approximately 45 minutes, it was simply too long for an elimination game.  Thus I introduced “knockouts” that allow other wizards to knock you out, but you come back the next round with a […]

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Introducing: Phelos

Phelos Treekin Race

  Plants are one of the most basic forms of life.  As primary producers of energy on a planet, plants convert sunlight into stored energy for animals and higher life forms to consume.  Phelos (pronounced “fellows”) are a symbiote race of a plant-like nature aspect woven and fused into an animal or humanoid body with […]

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Age of the Magi

My friend Evan and I also created a Eurogame that we can actually play to completion in under an hour.  We probably didn’t invent the idea, but I’m not personally aware of any eurogames where you can play through setup.  This “play through setup” idea does 2 things.  It allows strategic decision making while setting […]

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Introducing: Argilkin


Argilkin: Worldbuilders is a card game with some dice and small gems. Players take on the role of Argilkin (a god race born of stars) building and terraforming a world that will support sentient life to honor their Origin.  Argilkin believe that the best world is created through competition.  In this way, they must work […]

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Quantum by FunForge

Let me start by saying, “I love this game.” It is easily in my top 10.  I love games that have a hint of luck to introduce variability, but also rely heavily on strategy.  Tiles for the “map” introduce a level of variability in each scenario too.  This game introduces a small amount of randomness […]

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Tides of Time and Tides of Madness

Tides of Time is the original card game consisting of a small deck of cards with 5 suits — 6 if you believe no suit counts as a suit. Players play a card and pass the hand back to the other player every turn in this simultaneous drafting style game. Players try to build their […]

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Archwizard Playtesting at Protospiel Madison

Protospiel Madison was a huge success.  In addition to playing some really fun games from other designers, I playtested about 4.5 hours of Archwizard.  We broke the game twice and made some significant improvements. I had one group play for 3.5 straight hours before the end of the day – they helped move the game […]

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Final Logo

A little diversion, but it was decided.  The Oakheart Games logo is complete.  Simple is better, but meaningful is also important. I have a wife and three kids that are represented in this logo.  I love my family more than anything, hence the heart in the daddy pawn’s chest.  Boardgames are a really close second place. […]

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Emperor Prototype and Playtesting

We have tested various ideas around the Emperor boardgame that we’ve been working on.  Emperor is really getting good.  It’s everything I love about a strategy game.  It has the potential to be quick, but it is hard to plan ahead because there are so many possible moves each turn — keeping you on your […]

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