Elements in Archwizard**Development on Hold**

Players take on the role of a wizard with an affinity for one of 6 elements. The objective is to eliminate dice controlled by the other wizards, or win by casting 3 epic spells to prove your mastery before being eliminated yourself.

Archwizard is a dice-drafting, social-manipulation game of elimination. Players take turns drafting dice from a common central pool which fills the wizard’s “hold”, which represents the wizard’s health pool as well as the elements he controls and can enchant. Wizards simultaneously select one or two dice from their hands to “enchant” each round. Enchanted dice may stay in play from round to round, potentially building into quite an arsenal. Of course, that also makes you a target to gang up on.

Based on the color of the die, enchanted dice can [1] perform unique “tricks”; [2] be combined to cast “combo spells” for maximized tricks; or [3] combined to evoke “epic spells” that can change or end the game. Each die color represents a different kind of magic: fire (red), air (yellow), earth (green), water (blue), life (white) and death (black). Elements have inherent abilities to manipulate other dice in the game – or even eliminate them from the game. Players draw “scrolls” (spell cards) into their hands which can saved, cast, or discarded and replaced each round. Scrolls require combinations of 2 or 3 elements to complete, and are almost always good for the caster.

alphaThe game is designed to revolve around strategic dice selection and placement rather than the “luck” you would normally associate with a dice game. Luck is introduced through simultaneous dice rolls each round to determine not only the value of powers (against whom or what they can affect), but also to determine player order. Lowest combined roll acts first, but is also generally the weakest attacker. Dice are generally resolved before the decision making process each round to maximize strategic options, rather than being devastated that your epic plans were foiled by one dice roll.

May the greatest, most epic wizard win!