Bolster Boardgame

alphaBolster Boardgame

Bolster is a turn-based, abstract strategy game where two armies meet on the battlefield to eliminate the strongest of the opponent’s units. Rearrange units of various strengths to constantly improve your own position, while weakening the opponent.  All units share the strength of adjacent allied units when resolving attacks, and charge movements allow long chains of units to be moved to trap, manipulate, and eliminate your opponent’s units.  Each player takes one move per turn, and based on positions of allied and enemy pieces, attack and defense scores may be bolstered by adjacent units. Players may choose to have any number of allied units follow behind the first unit moved.
2 Players
15-30 minutes per game
32 pieces (16 white, 16 black) played on an 8×8 board

Victory Conditions

Eliminate all three of the most powerful units in the opposing army.  *Special condition: when a player has only one powerful unit remaining (out of the three), he must sacrifice one owned unit of choice at the end of each round until the victory condition is met.


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