My Top 10 Boardgames of All-Time

Stone Chess board

Having collected and played hundreds of different board games, I have accumulated a top 10 list for overall best games I’ve ever played. This list is made of my own personal best games, and I make no claim to have played all games out there (not even close).  I also have a bias for short, […]

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Introducing: Argilkin


Argilkin: Worldbuilders is a card game with some dice and small gems. Players take on the role of Argilkin (a god race born of stars) building and terraforming a world that will support sentient life to honor their Origin.  Argilkin believe that the best world is created through competition.  In this way, they must work […]

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Quantum by FunForge

Let me start by saying, “I love this game.” It is easily in my top 10.  I love games that have a hint of luck to introduce variability, but also rely heavily on strategy.  Tiles for the “map” introduce a level of variability in each scenario too.  This game introduces a small amount of randomness […]

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Tides of Time and Tides of Madness

Tides of Time is the original card game consisting of a small deck of cards with 5 suits — 6 if you believe no suit counts as a suit. Players play a card and pass the hand back to the other player every turn in this simultaneous drafting style game. Players try to build their […]

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More Bolster Playtesting

After some really great feedback from Eric Jome, at a monthly playtesting meetup, I updated some of the rules on the website and subsequent plays.  Originally, the goal was to eliminate the highest ranking piece with a strength of 4.  The 4 rank piece has been eliminated, and the object is now to eliminate all […]

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Odin’s Ravens (Second Edition)

Odin’s Ravens is a great 2-player, turn-based strategy game with a little bit of luck. It’s a racing strategy game — cool! Odin’s Ravens, Huginn and Muninn, race every day over the world to return with news, but they head out in opposite directions — eventually travelling the same path as their counterpart, but in […]

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