Archwizard Playtesting at Protospiel Madison

Protospiel Madison was a huge success.  In addition to playing some really fun games from other designers, I playtested about 4.5 hours of Archwizard.  We broke the game twice and made some significant improvements. I had one group play for 3.5 straight hours before the end of the day – they helped move the game forward tremendously because we saved time not going through the rules and got a lot of play time in.  We tested the epic spell cards and variable player powers for the first time successfully.

Some changes of note:

  1. Draw one die from central pool in reverse turn order at the beginning of each round (if available)
  2. New elimination alternative victory. First Wizard to cast 3 epic spells wins.
  3. Turn order tokens added – this was a simple, but huge improvement.
  4. Enchant 2 dice each instead of 1 during the enchantment phase.
  5. No dice in hand at the end of the round = elimination (must play balance between enchanted dice and non-enchanted dice).

Still need to better clarify how/when spells apply, and how various powers can preempt other cards.

So not a complete overhaul, but significant changes that keep the game fast-paced and fun.  It is still deliciously devious – loose alliances and subtle manipulation is still a must.

I look forward to Protospiel Madison next year when I can move the game from Alpha to Beta and beyond!