More Bolster Playtesting

After some really great feedback from Eric Jome, at a monthly playtesting meetup, I updated some of the rules on the website and subsequent plays.  Originally, the goal was to eliminate the highest ranking piece with a strength of 4.  The 4 rank piece has been eliminated, and the object is now to eliminate all 3, 3 rank pieces to win the game.  After the 2nd 3 rank piece is eliminated, the “losing” player must remove one of his own pieces from the board after each turn.  We also eliminated the 0 rank pieces, although I’m still tossing around the idea of a variant rule with these 0 rank pieces.  Reducing the type of pieces from 5 unique shapes to only 3 AND reducing the pieces from 48 to only 32 (while maintaining the integrity of the game) will reduce cost, complexity, and length of play.  Great feedback that was critical in shaping the future of the game.